Our company is proud of its responsible approach to energy development. The Red Rose Resources team has been commended for its environmental and social best practice on projects across the globe.

Red Rose Resources pledges to make a positive difference to the areas in which it operates by working closely with local communities, respecting and engaging effectively with them and other key stakeholders. The company complies with and aims to exceed all relevant local, national and international environmental and social standards.

All activities are conducted with the utmost respect to the local environment, cultures and religions. Work is carried out in accordance with international environmental and social best practices. We are committed to a goal of zero harm to people and communities where we work. We prioritise minimising any health and safety risk to those involved or affected by our projects.

Red Rose Resources believes strongly in passing its operational procedures and knowledge to the communities and nations in which it works. The company conducts knowledge transfer programmes to promote existing expertise, provide experience opportunities and inspire others to see the potential of sustainable energy projects. Red Rose Resources firmly believes projects should have a net positive impact on local communities, most importantly when its projects are taking place in developing regions and economies.